Operating modern marine terminals on both sides of the Delaware River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Gloucester City, New Jersey, Holt Client Companies operate extensive dockside warehouses for the storage and distribution of all kinds of forest products.Specializing in the handling of plywood, lumber, roll paper and wood pulp, and with more than one million square feet of dry storage space suitable for cargo storage, Holt Client companies employ highly skilled and motivated employees who are experienced in the complexities of handling our customers products.Warehouse complexes in both Philadelphia and South Jersey are centrally located in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region with excellent connections, via truck or rail, with same day service to all of the major population centers in the Northeast US market.Services offered include: vessel stevedoring, dry storage, distribution and full-scale logistics services.USDA and US Customs inspectors are on site and available for government cargo inspection, when required.All warehouses are fully computerized utilizing bar-code scanning technology to provide optimal control of inventories. Customers can view their orders and inventory status on a “Real Time” basis via the internet and may be provided with instantaneous notification when a delivery order has been filled.EDI exchange of information is also available at all client warehouses.