Holt Client Companies operate one of the largest dockside complex of refrigerated and frozen warehouses on the East Coast of the United States.Multiple warehouse complexes in both Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey are conveniently located on modern marine terminals to provide the best possible cold chain protection for perishable cargoes.Operating more than 27 million cubic feet of temperature controlled storage space, these warehouses are highly experienced in the handling of fresh fruits and vegetables, juice, dairy products, frozen meat and inedible meat products.

Temperature controls are electronically monitored and recorded around the clock to ensure the optimal storage conditions for perishable products. Temperatures can be adjusted to any product requirement.

Services offered include: vessel stevedoring, cold storage, cold treatment, fumigation distribution, product repacking and full-scale logistics services.All Client warehouses are USDA-FSIS approved, A.S.I. Food Grade certified, and are located on marine terminals which are members of the CTPAT program for the Dept. of Homeland Security.USDA, CPB, FSIS, FDA and US Customs inspectors are on site and immediately available for any required government inspections.All warehouses are fully computerized to permit optimal control of cargo movement and inventories. Data is captured and checked using Bar Code scanning and exchanged by means of EDI transactions.Customers may access their inventory status via the Internet as well as receive instant notification when an order has been filled.Additional services include instant E-Mail of a signed bill of lading once a load has been picked up, and an immediate notification of containers that have been inspected.