Holt Logistics Corp. wins 2013 Pinnacle Award for Wellness Award

speech by Judy Roman who presented the award


Thank you, Deb and good evening!  It’s a pleasure to be back at another Pinnacle Awards Dinner and to be able to present this year’s Wellness Award again!

More than 100 years ago, Thomas Edison was quoted as saying that doctors of the future will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Now the recipient of this year’s Pinnacle Award for Wellness, Holt Logistics Corporation, did not count the iconic American inventor as one of its early employees, but his wise prediction certainly mirrors the forward-thinking philosophy of this South Jersey transportation giant in caring for the overall health of its workers.

For more than three generations, the Holt family has painstakingly built its stellar reputation in the transportation industry by providing safe, high quality and competitively priced cargo movement solutions for companies looking to move their products across the country and around the world.


The Health Matters Wellness program started at Holt Logistics in 2011, is a natural extension of the company’s genuine and consistent concern for its employees, as evidenced by the numerous workers with multiple decades of service at Holt, and highlighted by two valued staffers who have been on the job for 50 years!

Holt Logistics and its management team understood that having happy employees willing to come to work every day, would be meaningless unless they were ready and able to report to work every day.

So Holt’s management team contacted AmeriHealth New Jersey, their health insurance provider, and began to implement a wellness initiative, that has grown into a model program that is both comprehensive and cooperative.

The leadership at Holt Logistics understands the importance of encouraging its employees to attend wellness seminars on various health-related topics and to take part in health screenings. The result ? fewer missed days of work; more productive work days, as well as fewer insurance claims.

The Health Matters program at Holt has evolved and expanded to now include biometric screenings to identify past, current and potential medical problems, such as heart disease and diabetes, and to uncover risks brought on by unhealthy lifestyle choices and to help with behavior modification.

These screenings, along with free and confidential access to a health coach and an AmeriHealth New Jersey Nurse to answer any specific questions, has helped to raise the level of awareness of personal responsibility for one’s own health and has undoubtedly had a positive influence on Holt’s employees’ mindset in the areas of diet and exercise.

Holt Logistics consistent high marks in the area of employee relations is likely a critical factor in their having the highest percentage of employees participating in an AmeriHealth New Jersey wellness initiative, and both companies proudly point to the approximately 8% drop in medical costs since the program launched.


The management team of Holt has embraced Thomas Edison’s vision of modern medicine being rooted in prevention and everyone in the Holt Logistics work family is better for it.

On behalf of Amerihealth New Jersey, I am proud to present to Holt Logistics Corp. with the Chamber’s 2013 Wellness Award.  Join me in congratulating Michael Holt and Bill Streich, who are accepting the award!