Update: Greenwich Terminals / VGM SOLAS policy

Greenwich Terminals LLC ("GRT"), as Operators of Packer Avenue Marine
Terminal in Philadelphia, PA, USA, is pleased to announce its revised
policy relating to the receipt of export containers.

GRT will receive all containers regardless of whether a VGM has been
electronically lodged prior to a containers arrival at the terminal by a
carrier or not. All containers received will be weighed and that weight
will be transmitted via EDI 322 to appropriate carrier. In instances where
a VGM is lodged either prior to or after container receipt, the VGM
supplied by the carrier will supersede the terminals weighing measurement.

GRT believes this approach, which follows the OCEMA Terminal Weighing
Approach which has been affirmed by the USCG, will provide for the best
possible customer service and supply chain flow, while ensuring safety and
compliance with the SOLAS regulations.